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Blog, News & ArticlesMar 28, 2022

MediXSpace Successfully Presented at HiMSS22

Debuting on the exhibition floor of the biggest HealthTech event of the year has been a huge milestone for all of us. For three days in a row, we were demonstrating our solutions to clinicians, IT specialists, government officials and other professionals from across the world.

Here are some key takeaways from the event:

The healthcare industry is driven toward patient engagement. More than ever, medical providers are coming up with various apps that help patients actively participate in informed decision-making. Our OneXCare ecosystem, too, has a module that puts the power in patients’ hands – check out the Patient Companion App that we have created!

COVID-19 has catalyzed the digitalization of healthcare in every possible way. This tendency is particularly lucid in the light of prevailing remote care coordination tools that help reduce the need for in-person appointments. As our own care coordination module is still in development, we used this opportunity to observe the latest trends in remote monitoring solutions for further application in our ecosystem.

Interoperability has been a predominant topic on the HealthTech community agenda for a few years, but this year’s HiMSS has definitely given it a kick. Two years into the pandemic have proven that global healthcare problems should be targeted by joint efforts. Not only should we aim for creating more virtual tools, but we also need to make them work together, thus creating a seamless, borderless digital space for patients.

Overall, it was a great joy to be a part of such a massive event that brings together like-minded changemakers from everywhere across the globe. Now off to another chapter – we’ve got ASCO22 ahead of us, so see you soon!