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Blog, News & ArticlesMar 01, 2023

MediXSpace Partners with Zarttech to Leverage Equity 

MediXSpace and Zarttech are joining forces to work together toward a more equitable world. The partnership will be focused on the MediXSpace 2nd Opinion that is due to be released later in the year.

While MediXSpace focuses on providing access to healthcare to patients with life-threatening diseases globally, Zarttech caters to diverse skilled IT professionals by providing them with equal job opportunities. The collaboration between these two companies has the potential to accelerate both the healthcare and technology industries by developing sustainable innovations that contribute to creating equal opportunities for all people, regardless of their backgrounds.

About MediXSpace

MediXSpace is a healthtech company dedicated to making healthcare expertise and novel treatments accessible to all patients, including underserved populations. The company’s Virtual Tumor Board solution for oncologists is currently used in 1300+ hospitals for processing 3000+ cancer patient cases per week. 

The founder, Alexey Soshnin, has been working in digital health for over 20 years. His extensive background in healthcare IT consulting has given him a solid foundation for launching several MedTech startups and projects, which are being successfully implemented by regional healthcare systems.

About Zarttech

Zarttech is a global HR-tech firm that connects skilled diverse IT experts with job opportunities in the West. The goal of the company is to redistribute global opportunities and level the playing field for IT professionals from diverse backgrounds. 

The founder of Zarttech, Nelson T. Ajulo, is a seasoned executive with over 10 years of extensive leadership, operating, and management experience across four continents.

Zarttech is currently providing MediXSpace with penetration testing on business-critical external facing applications which include web applications, cloud infrastructure, repositories and data breaches.

We are excited about this collaboration and looking forward to the release of MediXSpace 2nd Opinion later in the year. The launch of the Call for Early Adopters is scheduled in March 2023.