What is MediXSpace?

Safe digital space for all cancer patients

Only 30% of cancer patients actively seek a second opinion before making crucial treatment decisions. Out of this number, 88% of patients end up with their diagnosis clarified or changed completely.

The second opinion in oncology can save lives, but getting it can be troublesome, especially if there is a shortage of medical specialists available locally. That’s why we have come up with a solution to make cancer care expertise accessible to all patients across borders.

A cloud-based platform for cancer patients seeking a second opinion or looking to get their treatment plan reviewed by a tumour board.

A marketplace for medical providers that offers a smart matching service for finding the right doctor or a clinic, all based on the patient`s case, request and location.

A toolkit for providers that allows applying for tumour boards and hosting them online, as well as engaging external clinical experts in the process of decision-making.