Digital cancer care platform

Every person is unique, and so should be the treatment. That is why it is crucially important to establish constant communication between patients and clinicians – and reinforce it with access to the most up-to-date information.

Each module of the OneXCare helps facilitate data exchange, treatment planning and making informed clinical decisions along the way.

Virtual Tumor Board

Pushing the limits of collective decision making

A collaborative approach to improving patient cancer care through joint decision making. Our Virtual Tumor Board brings together and facilitates communication between oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, and other clinical specialists.

What’s inside

  • Remote collaboration tools for clinicians and patients
  • Streamlined presentation and structured protocol template
  • Integrated decision support for tumor staging and grading
  • Built-in machine translation for multiple languages

What’s the benefit

  • Reduced patient and provider travel burdens
  • Faster diagnosis and treatment
  • More frequent multidisciplinary consultations
  • Access to expertise unavailable locally

Patient Companion App

Putting power in patients’ hands

A cancer diagnosis is a traumatic experience, both physically and emotionally. However, being armed with knowledge and actively engaging in the treatment process can positively impact the results of the therapy. That’s where our patient companion app provides much-needed support.

What’s inside

  • Lifestyle recommendations and FAQs based on the patient’s diagnosis
  • Сalendar for setting and scheduling requirements from supervising doctors
  • Communication with care coordinators, doctors, and other patients
  • Tools for scanning and sharing documents with secure data storage

What’s the benefit

  • Remote monitoring of the patient’s condition
  • Higher levels of adherence to prescribed treatment
  • Support from the cancer patient community
  • Relevant information from trusted resources
Coming soon in Apple Store and Google Play!

Chemotherapy Management

Facilitating clinical oncology supervision

Developing the right treatment plan is always a challenge – as is avoiding potential errors, which are sadly not uncommon in chemotherapy prescriptions. Implementing the appropriate clinical decision support tools help reduce the risks and provide better patient care.

What’s inside

  • Customizable regimen templates for chemotherapy planning
  • Real-time access to self-reported patient condition indicators
  • Instant and secure remote communication with patients
  • Integrated calculators and drug contraindication checkers

What’s the benefit

  • Facilitating and speeding up treatment planning
  • Tools for daily monitoring of patient’s condition
  • Fewer medical errors and missed appointments
  • Compliance with the latest clinical guidelines

Сontinuous Care Management

Post-treatment lifestyle guidance

One of the biggest threats from cancer is that it can always come back. So survivorship is in large part about responsibly managing your life after the treatment has ended. We provide patients with the opportunity to share this responsibility with a professional care team equipped with valuable digital tools.

What’s inside

  • Tools for extended patient monitoring and scheduling checkups
  • Updated personalized treatment and post-treatment protocols
  • Adjustable questionnaire templates for accurate data collection
  • Relevant content with FAQs and survivorship lifestyle tips

What’s the benefit

  • Secure and direct communication between patients and care teams
  • Appointments and paperwork managed by a personal coordinator
  • Reduced risk of missed checkups and inappropriate lifestyle choices
  • Greater chances of preventing potential cancer recurrence
Currently in development

All-in-one package solution

Every component of MedixSpace can be used as a stand-alone product. However, the potential of each element can be maximized by joining them together.


Fully digitalized patient journey
Seamless cross-product integration
Secure data storage and sharing
Full cycle clinical decision support
Package deals available

Package deals available

Evolving MedixSpace System

All our products can be linked up into one digital system – and we keep on broadening its horizons